Maidenhair Harmony Gift Box - Fauve + Co
Maidenhair Harmony Gift Box - Fauve + Co
Maidenhair Harmony Gift Box - Fauve + Co
Maidenhair Harmony Gift Box - Fauve + Co
Maidenhair Harmony Gift Box - Fauve + Co

Maidenhair Harmony Gift Box

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Introducing the Maidenhair Harmony Gift Box, a luxurious ensemble curated to elevate moments of tranquility and self-care. Unveil the essence of relaxation with a thoughtful combination of premium essentials.

Nestled within this exquisite box are:

  • A set of Maidenhair hand towels, one delicately embroidered with a beautiful maidenhair design,  to elevate the ambiance of any sanctuary. Their soft touch and intricate design embody sophistication and comfort.
  • Infuse your daily routine with the refreshing allure of The Commonfolk Hand and Body Wash, elegantly encased in a sage-colored bottle. Enriched with natural essences, this cleansing elixir rejuvenates the senses while nourishing the skin, leaving a subtle fragrance of harmony in its wake.
  • Indulge in the transformative properties of the Stray Willow Green Smoothie Facial Mask, a verdant concoction designed to revitalize and invigorate tired skin. Imbued with the essence of nature, this mask imparts a radiant glow, unveiling the innate beauty within.
  • Unwind with the Peggy Sue Soap Bar - Exfoliating, a lavish treat for the body and soul. Infused with exfoliating agents and aromatic essences, this soap bar gently buffs away impurities, leaving behind a veil of silkiness and serenity.

Whether as a gesture of appreciation or a token of self-indulgence, the Maidenhair Harmony Gift Box is a testament to the art of relaxation and the beauty of self-care. Embrace the tranquility within and pamper yourself or a loved one with this exquisite collection of essentials.

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      Just the cutest little shoes 💕 beautiful packaging, perfect for a gift. These shoes were adored by the new mumma to be. Thankyou Xx 

      Bek R, Happy Valley, SA

      Absolutely amazing quality little shoes at such a great price! Along with that, the gift wrapping was so beautifully done - I would definitely give a pair of these as a baby shower gift. Super fast delivery too! Thank you sooo much :-)

      Jennnifer H, Ningi, QLD

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      Sensory Play for Babies

      Sensory exploration is not only fun for babies but it is also vital for their brain development.  It will also delight you seeing their little eyes mesmerised by the stimulation of their senses!