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52 products

Baby Wraps and Swaddles – Australia Wide

Little ones come into the world and quickly become cocooned in love. It's a big transition from the warmth, Infinite tenderness and gentleness they’ve been nurtured in, and they crave a similar snug, secure environment once they’re welcomed into the world. We love to help them feel it with a range of the softest, gentlest baby wraps, swaddle blankets, and muslins made especially for cocooning infants with care and cuteness.

The Fauve & Co. collection is tenderly chosen to cradle infants with ease, comfort, and little fuss. Made from the softest, high-quality materials, our fabrics are selected for their excellent breathability, practicality, and safety - plus adorable designs. Thoughtfully stocked in a variety of sizes and colours, new parents find them  a breeze when bundling up their joy in the first few months of life.

We’re well practiced in the art of baby muslin wraps and have helped many new mums and dads master it too. Many styles of swaddling now exist, some passed down from mother to daughter, some completely new techniques. We give you the freedom to test them out with simple, easy folding, tucking, and washing with the malleable, made-for-baby items we carry specifically for newborn and infant cradling.

Stretchy Swaddles Give Extra Snug Security For Your Bub

The unique difference we make for every new mum and dad hand pick items that we find helpful in their new lives.

While they may not be at the stage to wear our cute baby clothes just yet, the fit of these items is just as important as clothes are, later. As your infant gets to that stage, they’ll pass through a range of needs when it comes to muslin swaddles.

As a newborn, their littleness leaves plenty of room for wraps to completely soothe them into snug sleep with ease. Before you know it, the material around them becomes less and less, and the wrapping more difficult to encompass them tightly! This is where a stretch swaddle shines; giving you plenty of room for growth, while keeping little arms and chests cosily close and safe.

Stretchy newborn wraps and swaddle blankets also allow your baby to continue kicking and moving their lower bodies, just as they would in the womb. This is super important for proper hip development, and also means they won’t wriggle their way out of a wrap as easily.

Comfy, breathable cotton newborn baby wraps

Every material has its advantages. We adore cotton’s safe practicality, breathability and easy ability to wash. Made from the softest, high quality cotton, each design soothes tender skin and avoids irritating any little rashes that arise in the first stages of life.

We take special care to examine the dyes and processing of our wraps, so you’re left with a selection of the safest, cutest designs for your bub.  With a collection encompassing the texture of the softest muslin swaddle on the market, we endeavour to make it as easy as possible to choose these practical, essential items, which make ideal gifts for newborns. Beautifully packaged, they’re a thoughtful item for new mums and dads to enjoy as they cradle their little one close with love.