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Exploring the benefits of sensory play for babies in Australia

As we grow up, we learn from the environments and stimuli around us. We put the puzzles of life together through the lessons we go through and the consequences of our actions. And all of this begins with the most important developmental period as a child.

Helping little Aussies access this crucial aspect of growth, Fauve & Co. offers a number of musical toys suitable for sensory play with your baby, all designed to help brain development.

Why are Musical Toys so Important for Sensory Play with Babies?

Learning through this sensory kind of exploration means that younger children and babies are able to make sense of the world around them by themselves. They are put in a position to understand how certain objects work and interact with the environment they’re placed in.

This is a natural habit for most kids and makes sense when you think about the kinds of skills they rely on later in life. This is the early stages of it all, where they understand how their position in the world can influence objects and circumstances.

From picking things up to taking in their texture and using all aspects of senses (taste, feel, smell, hearing, sight), this kind of play is integral to development. It's also limited only by the imagination, so allows any child to get creative and explore their surroundings effectively.

Our toys are designed to embrace this period of their life, from sensory toy boxes to accessories that give them the ability to engage and interact more than ever before.

Ages and sensory toys

Different age groups react differently to this kind of place, so we recommend some types of activities depending on where your child is at in life. This includes:

  • Bubs: Using bubbles to let them feel them on their skin; paper to scrunch and hear the noise; folding material or paper to see how shapes can change.
  • Toddlers: toys that allow them to see how shadows and light are created through different objects. Let them watch how shades and colours can create patterns. Art is also a big part of this, as is music.
  • Pre-schoolers: Create shapes with all sorts of accessories or let them play with baby musical sensory toys to understand pitch or tone. This also shows them how blowing in an instrument affects the level of noise (e.g. softly or vigorously).

Reasons you should incorporate this playtime in their day

There are so many reasons to love this kind of play. For example, it's fun and interesting for kids to explore the unknown, and gives them confidence beyond their comfort zone. It’s also highly scientific and allows them to create a ‘hypothesis’ out of the actions they take.

Further benefits include:

  • Refines thresholds and allows them to grasp a better understanding of certain information
  • Allows their brain to make sense of connections to the world
  • Allows them to filter out ‘unimportant’ information
  • Helps them develop the ability to block out unimportant noise around them
  • Can assist with children who are fussy with certain foods or textures
  • Builds brain development
  • Helps language development
  • Encourages more scientific learning and thinking
  • Refines motor skills.

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