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24 products

24 products

Treasure each moment with our baby journals

When you bring a child into the world, every special moment is full of joy and love – and those moments should never be forgotten. Some of those memories linger in your mind long after your little one has left the nest; but others deserve to be recorded for all those years down the track.

We love looking back on our baby record books and remembering their first little adventures. Our range is filled with a selection of gorgeous baby journals and pregnancy record books that give you every opportunity to snapshot your entire journey as a parent.

Many of these designs include prompts, with additional room inside their covers for your own thoughts, words and notes. Personalise them how you like, and make them your very own – all with styles and options that embrace you and your child.

As you build your narrative from their first stages of life, you can imprint them in our many designs, preserved for decades to come. With luxurious linen paper, covers, and a beautiful box to keep each baby journal safe, these concepts make for the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

Begin your tale with a pregnancy record book

Even before they enter the world, those little personalities are building up to become big ones, complete with their own personalities, feelings and memories. All of these should be kept safe for generations to come, and our pregnancy record books act as the ideal first step before your bub has even celebrated their first breath out of the womb.

Capturing them within a pregnancy story journal or book is a thoughtful way to narrate the beginning of the new life that’s about to begin. From photos of your bump, through to the evolution of the little quirks that accompany your journey – we let you treasure these endlessly.

Memories that stand the test of time in our baby book keepsakes

The unforgettable moment of meeting your bub for the first time is something that’ll stay with you for the rest of your life. Because of this, we are passionate about helping you record these “firsts” in our variety of baby book keepsakes.

The first year is always jam-packed with exciting moments – all of which are heartwarmingly touching to look back on. To make sure every single event is captured well into the future, Fauve + Co’s range boasts first year journals that spoil you with choice.

Explore our collection now to start crafting you and your little one's story in a truly unforgettable way. For more information, get in touch with our team – we’re always happy to answer questions or offer reliable, supportive advice around our products.