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59 products

Introduce Quality Play-time With Kids’ Wooden Toys Online 

Children's wooden toys have been a favourite for kids throughout the generations. Their timelessness is a wonderful quality that younger ones enjoy as they grow from tiny, precious bundles of joy into blossoming personalities of their own.

Kids bring a huge, vivid imagination with them as they journey through the world. Every new experience and interaction with the objects around them is a stimulating adventure, where even the simplest of items around them is a fascination. This, we believe, is why children’s wooden toys are such fantastic companions to little ones throughout the ages, and we love to share the very best of them in our specially selected collection.

Available through our online collection, you’ll find a range that provides a stimulating, sensory experience across musical instruments, safe mechanisms, and exploration to embrace the senses. Our toys are particularly well-enjoyed by toddlers and preschoolers as they grow and learn, and we even have wooden baby toys available to introduce new sensations into their world from the first few months of life.

Our collection is created with handmade charm and care

Each of our kids’ wooden toys holds the charm of lovingly crafted handmade quality. The creators behind every playful product in our collection bring the utmost care  into their craft, ensuring that edges are smooth and safe for play-time.

Tried and tested, the components that make up each of our designs withstand all the curious exploration that children uncover through play, and emerge with flying colours.

As a result, we confidently offer you our selection with a lifetime of experience to back us. The composition of each design is excellently created, and we are always thrilled to see our wooden toys stand out with style in children’s toy boxes.

You’ll also find the beautiful paintwork decorating our pieces are derived from vegetable oils and water-based paints; a completely safe combination for tiny, inquisitive bubs and toddlers to explore.

We take the utmost care and delight when sourcing these precious products, bringing you only the best wooden toys online.

Discover beautiful newborn gifts through wooden baby toys

When a precious newborn enters into the world, it’s a time to celebrate. Newborns rapidly grow in size and development that takes only a few months before they’re onto the next stage of life, which can make buying for a difficult process.

These wooden toys make the perfect accompaniment to our cuddly Jellycat bunnies.

Combining cuteness and simplicity, our designs are absolutely delightful, safe items for little hands and minds to wander and cherish in every possible way.

Discover why Fauve & Co. is a trusted supplier of products for young, creative and inquisitive minds.