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40 products

Knitted Baby Blankets

The soft, stretchy qualities of Fauve + Co's iconic range of knitted baby blankets are crafted to be adored by infants across Australia. Passionate about high-quality creations, we consider these beautiful designs as essential items for newborns and beyond; both for wrapping them up, keeping them snuggly, for those little moments in between.

Our knitted baby blankets are made to last and fit can take you through all of life's activities and context that come with the exciting journey of childhood. Created with the highest quality materials, their ultra-soft texture and breathability are just what your little one ordered (if they could speak).

Used as a swaddle or wrap, the stretchy weave of our cotton baby blankets ensure that bubs are snug and warm, yet have the freedom to kick and move as we all know they love to do. This flexibility is extra important in the earliest stages of the development, where the hips and legs are still going through big changes; we do our best to give you designs that further support this growth period.

You'll find our signature sense of practicality and style throughout our selection of cotton blankets and playmats for babies. Taking the greatest care to deliver safe, healthy product choices infused with adorable design, you'll discover plenty of ways to use these items long after your bub's grown up.

From newborn blankets to baby play mats online

Caring for your little one is a constant delight that always evokes endless surprises. From one moment to the next, a million different activities and actions can come your way – so it’s always a good idea to be prepared.

Our range includes a number of gorgeous baby play mat designs that can be used in a variety of ways. Designed to support your little one as they go about their antics, each product is carefully crafted to ensure longevity and the ability to withstand general wear and tear that bubs can be known for.

During playtime with our own children, we've got plenty of mileage out of the Fauve + Co collection, too. With a keen eye for detail and maximal implementation, all of our play mats for babies are a staple we always love having on hand.

Cotton Knit blankets for everyday play

We particularly adore our carefully crafted cotton knit blankets for their simplicity and beautiful texture. While they look adorable cocooning your little one, they also work as a soft, safe surface for them to explore the world on, without irritating skin.

Washing these items is no problem, either. The supple material is sturdily made to withstand rigorous cleaning and is best paired with a gentle detergent that won't bring trouble to the very sensitive nature of your little one's skin.

Adorable designs made with love

Our baby playmats and knitted blankets come adorned with intricate detailing to make for absolutely delightful concepts. With a keen eye, we ensure all of the designs included in our collection boast the commitment we have to wonderfully cute options, all the while remaining safe, at the highest quality and comfort.

You’ll find our playmats an especially delightful addition to your little one's collection of favourites. Likewise, our adorable animal print blankets give your child plenty of visual stimuli to adore, or in combination with our cherished toys and accessories.

All of our knitted, cotton or basket weave blankets are a reflection of Fauve + Co’s lovable selection of products. Shop online now for shipping across  Australia, directly to your door.