Baby Teethers

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69 products

Super Cute Silicone & Wooden Teething Rings

The early stages of a newborn’s life are filed with joy and wonder. There are so many things for them to discover, whether it be learning to crawl (they’ll be walking soon!), or playing with their first new toy, the world is a place of enchantment for precious new bundles.

But, just like for us adults, being a bubba can present its challenges. Growing teeth, for example, can be a slightly unpleasant experience for sensitive little gums, and has to be counteracted with something a little more enjoyable.

This is why babies use teething rings, of course! The sensation of chewing on toys provides little bubs with a great deal of comfort and relief from the otherwise unpleasant experience of developing new chompers.

The Fauve + Co team love to help out new parents and their bubbas as much as possible, and thus proudly stock a collection of the best wooden teethers, for sale right here at our online store. Perfect for bubs who are reaching the stage of growing their first set of teeth, these accessories are ideal for reducing the unwanted sensations associated with this process.

Pear Teethers & Baby Rattles for Newborn Enjoyment

Because there is nothing a newborn loves more than experiencing new sights and sounds (except for a cuddle from mum, of course!). Fauve + Co has a super fun and exciting collection of rattles for bubbas to enjoy with mum and dad at the helm.

Every bub has their favourite rattle growing up, and we’re sure you will find one here that a welcome baby will enjoy playing with for hours on end or, at least, until mum and dad are tired out themselves.

Add A Silicone Teething Ring to Our Amazing Gift Packs

Looking for the perfect baby shower or bub welcoming gift? The Fauve + Co team is renowned for the creation of super adorable and highly practical baby gift boxes. Replete with all things fun, stylish, sophisticated and, perhaps most importantly, helpful, our gift boxes are the perfect way to show your love ones that you are thrilled with their special new bundle.

Think adorable clothing, Oxford leather shoes, fun and quirky Jellycat soft toys, artist-designed bibs, dummies and much, much more. You can even add in something for mum, too, with a fantastic selection of eco skincare products, room sprays, breastfeeding teas and scented candles all at the ready to be dispatched in our awesome newborn parcels.

We also pre-package our gift box selection, so if you find something that is already perfect for a special new bub, simply place the order and we’ll have to you in no time.