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10 products

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A little one's room needs to be restful and soothing so they can get the requisite sleep, which is essential for their growth and development. Fauve’s Go to Bed’s pastel-coloured cot sheets and crib sheets create the ambiance you need to settle your little one for a peaceful night’s sleep. All colours have been deliberately chosen for the calming effect they have on the emotions, and moods of your little one, incorporating crucial psychology. Additionally, our baby bedding is available online in soft sage, rose, or clay. By adding other blended accessories like blankets and throws, you can also jazz up the vibe of the room and keep the easy-on-the-eye palette.

From fitted cot sheets to gorgeous crib sheets

Our Australian-designed baby bedding sets are soft, luxurious, and gentle on your newborn’s skin. Best of all, they are created from fabric that will support newborn’s healthy sleep patterns when they need it most. These sets also keep them warm and cosy through cooler months, and comfortable when the temperature rises.

Meanwhile, Fauve’s fitted cot sheets and crib sheets, constructed from 100% Jersey cotton fabric, are suitable for year-round comfort. They are available in a range of beautiful pastel colours and can be incorporated with additional linen for the perfect touch. These designs are super-breathable, featuring soft fabric that is ideal against  delicate skin.

All designs in our range are also made from stretchable soft Jersey, which means that they remain in-tact for your little one as they begin to grow and the years go by. It also means that they will easily conform to the shape of the mattress, allowing for exceptional support and comfort at all times.

Additionally, fitting these designs to the bed or cot is practically effortless. The fabric is absorbent, air-permeable, and resistant to wrinkling, therefore easy to care for. This makes them ideal for everyday use, especially when little accidents are likely to happen. Jersey fabric does not wrinkle and because of its characteristic stretch, it will maintain its shape so there is no need to iron them (perfect!).

Dreading changing the linen over? No worries. Just throw these sets into the washing machine when they need it. Since Jersey cotton does not retain odours, they’ll be fresh and ready to go in one cycle, without the need for any perfumes – this also reduces the possibility of skin allergies.

All sets come in matching drawstring bags for easy storage, keeping them dust-free until needed again.

Did you know we support’s endeavours to assist parents suffering from anxiety and depression before, after and during, their first years of parenthood? We frequently make monetary contributions towards this worthy cause.? You can learn more by getting in touch. Also remember to explore our range of additional baby bathing products, swaddles and bibs.