Childrens Musical Instruments

8 products

8 products

Wooden Musical Instruments and Toys for Babies

Help your little ones begin their love of music by discovering the joy that comes from making melodies and creating tunes with our wooden musical instruments. At Fauve + Co, we offer a range of beautiful products for toddlers and babies, in line with our eco-friendly values.

From birth, babies have fully developed hearing, and this is why they benefit from melodic sounds as a form of engagement and language development. We particularly enjoy using the soothing words of lullabies and the rhythmic tones of an egg shaker and our other music box items.

Our thoughtfully selected range will stimulate your baby and toddlers' senses, and the quality craftsmanship means they can withstand wear and tear, making them a loved keepsake and constant delight.

Make Some Noise With Wooden Musical Toys

Bring the little muso out in your child as your little one shows joy in exploring the natural textures and melodies that inspire creative and imaginative play.

This inspiring range invites exploration and encourages touch, feel and the freedom of making lots of noise. Not only will your child begin to develop an enjoyment for melodic sounds, but their memory, recall skills and concentration will be stimulated.

Caring for little ones suggests there will be times when their energy needs channelling into creativity, we've got you covered - with shakers, maracas, tambourine and barbell shakers. Each device is perfectly sized for little hands, creating fun for the whole family.

Musical Toys for Babies

You'll find that our toys resonate with natural sound which doesn't pollute the home with too much noise. We particularly like that they have a calming effect and nourish your little one's creativity as you compose a masterpiece together.

We have discovered that there is a constant delight in the exploration of artistic sounds with our children and even during pregnancy when we have been able to record our thoughts in a Pregnancy Story Journal.

Whether you are looking for the soft sounds of an egg shaker or the jiggle of a tambourine, the whole family will have fun finding plenty of ways to play with sound.

Environmentally Friendly Products

It's well known that plastic contains chemicals and toxins, which is especially important when baby plays because they explore by generally putting everything straight to the mouth.

Fauve + Co's collection of wooden musical instruments for babies and toddlers don't carry the same risk. While the natural feel and tones are non-toxic and safe, they should never be used for teething.

Our environmentally friendly items are among some of our favourite store items because we know that they are safe for kids but are also fun and engaging.

You'll find the natural feel of the wooden musical instruments for toddles and babies will make an excellent addition to your family’s collection of favourite things.

Our boxes and individual items all reflect Fauve + Co's commitment to providing a great selection of products that encourage creativity and discovery. Shop online and receive our range directly to your door throughout Australia.