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Gorgeous Gifts For New Mums 

Becoming a new mum is a precious and exciting time. Carrying the gift of new life is one of the most beautiful presents on offer. But there are also plenty of periods of change and times where you need to adapt to a different way of living, making rest and relaxation all the more important.

We stock a huge range of gifts for new mums across Australia, all of which are thoughtful, practical, and bring nourishment to the special ladies in your life. Whether she’s just broken the news to those around her, about to have a baby shower, or recently given birth –  our delightful, functional gifts are the perfect blend of relaxation and pampering when it’s needed most.

From calming candles to soaks and scrubs that care for her and the little one in her tummy, our items are picked with soothing, gentle ingredients and usage. Many surprises and changes are undergoing in the 9 months before a baby is born - and even more afterward. We draw upon our own experiences, and help those we’ve met and helped along the way. We’re here  for the new and first time mums across Australia.

The Perfect Pregnancy Gifts For First Time Mums

First time mums are often overwhelmed with the journey ahead of them. It’s always a surprise to learn how their bodies will react to the environment they always knew, and what influence a budding infant can have. From food to smells and skincare, an entirely new experience of life starts from the moment of conception, and goes beyond.

We endeavour to take the guesswork out of what snacks, scents, creams, and pregnancy needs are best suited at this time. From special biscuits to lactation pads and soothing creams, our new mum collection covers all the bases for the most beautiful experience of pregnancy and postnatal care.  It’s an expression of our unique blend of loving care and practicality, giving the best of both under one roof, with little fuss.

Candles, soaks, and specific items that we stock make perfect gifting options for new mums, and are specifically created to avoid overwhelming heightened senses at this time. While they work wonderfully as standalone presents to share with the lovely lady in question, we also put something a little extra into our bundled care packages to take the guesswork out of gifting.

You’re welcome to explore our thoughtfully pre-bundled items and discover the most popular product pairings for new and existing mums.

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