Skincare For Mums

54 products

54 products

Gorgeous natural bath and body products

We believe in treating the skin and body with only the best ingredients. Meticulously inspecting formulas and products has helped us collate a gorgeous line of bath and body items that are wonderful to use – whether you’re expecting or are looking for a gift for a new mum.

Our brands offer high-quality nourishment – with luxurious lotions, washes, bars and salts to help you relax and enjoy a moment to yourself, washing the stress of the day away. 

Available online at affordable prices, we’re bringing safe, nurturing self-care into your world. Enjoy every moment of goodness these natural beauty items provide and be at your best!

Elegant, soothing pregnancy-safe bath products

When you have a bubba on the way, everything changes – especially your skin. Our selection of natural bath and body products can be relied upon to provide safe, effective nourishment. We want the best for mums-to-be, so you won’t find anything irritating or overpowering in the Fauve + Co range.

As for more visible areas, our face masks and exfoliants are ideal for countering hormonal imbalances. A lot of collagen is required to nourish a baby, and you may notice a change in elasticity.  Not to worry – our masks and washes offer a way to retain your bare beauty and even go make-up free, glowing from the inside out.

With a little help from our well-sourced items, you’ll look and feel beautiful throughout the whole nine-month period. When your little one arrives, our baby bath products are ready with even gentler formulations. Be prepared for easy bath-time by shopping online today.

Pamper mum with our belly oils

Enjoy the delightful fragrances and welcoming sensations of our easy-to-use range. Our belly oils are free from overpowering botanicals, so you can use them as you need. Rub gently onto your belly after a relaxing shower to keep skin supple and free of stretch marks. Massaging regularly also stimulates the cells of your dermal layers, bringing circulation and beneficial nutrients to the area.

Your senses will be heightened across all three trimesters, so it’s important to take things down a notch. Our formulas are made with gentle fragrances designed to nurture the senses.

Treat new mums to practical presents

Mums have so much going on for them that looking after themselves is often last on the list. We’d like to change that.

Our gifts for mums are made available to help brighten up her day any time you choose. Filled with items she’ll appreciate, the gesture is a gentle reminder to take a little time for herself – we’re sure she deserves it.

Our skincare items serve as great presents or can be added to a pamper pack.  You’ll also find gift boxes for her assembled by our team – so there’s no shortage of ways to say “you're wonderful”, or “thank you”.

Explore our full selection and present a gorgeous present to the mama in your life today.