Baby Bibs

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54 products

Fashionable Bandana Bibs for Babies - Available Across Australia

Our gorgeous bandana baby bibs are the perfect accessory to add to any outfit and are adored by many little ones and their parents across Australia.

Whether it's to keep little ones dry from catching dribble while teething or to keep spills from going on their clothes, we know they will still look adorable in our cute prints. From our classic snap to multi-purpose burp cloths, Fauve + Co have an extensive selection of prints and patterns to suit any gender.

Bandana Baby Bibs with Room to Grow

We know that life can get messy - from spit-up, milk and juice spills, and daily adventures. These cute and colourful bandana creations come in earthy tones and adorable prints that look like a fun accessory but are entirely practical for everyday use.

Style is not compromised over practicality with our chic looking range of bandanas that when perfectly paired as an ensemble with the outfit of choice will keep infants dry and looking fashionable. The simple design will soon become a favourite and will make an excellent addition to your little one's wardrobe.

Catching Dribble in Style

Our absorbent baby bibs Australia will keep your little one dry, especially if they are a dribbler, we've got them covered. They are highly absorbent and protect the skin from getting irritated and chafing from excessive drooling. Our beautiful range also protects bubs clothes and chest from getting damp and needing to change them often.

Using our products also means saying goodbye to endless packs of wipes which are full of drying elements. Their absorbency of our Australia made products can safely double as a face wipe.

Catching Messes When Starting Solids

You've spent many amazing months getting to know your newborn, and before you know, it's time to introduce solids. One of the most surprising aspects of your little one trying new foods is just how many little messes they make, even when they don't feed themselves!

Fauve + Co have an extensive range of "hardware" for all the spills during mealtimes, with snap fasteners for easy removal. Paired with our Playmats, dinner messes either fall to the floor or are caught by your bib, keeping bubs clothes as clean as possible.

Easy Wash and Wear

Designed to put through the wash repeatedly, the quality of our items for babies means they maintain their quality over time. Made from 100% cotton, our selection is soft and made to last. The absorbent backings mean they can be worn all day long, but bubs should never be put down to sleep wearing them.

Caring for you and your little one is at the top of our list, and we aim to make our products work for families, without needing to replace them frequently. Our Melbourne made designs have plastic snaps that can be set to three different sizes to grow with your child.

All our products reflect the quality you come to expect from Fauve + Co., and you can enjoy these handmade items by having them directly shipped to your door anywhere in Australia.