Jellycat Bunnies

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13 products

Gift A Special Newborn A Super Soft & Cuddly Jellycat Bunny

Every now and then, a soft toy designer appears that really takes the art to new levels of adorability. When cuddly cuteness and quirky uniqueness combine to create something truly special, this is when you know you’ve found the perfect newborn soft toy.

After a Jellycat sale? Fauve + Co is thrilled to be a Jellycat stockist in Melbourne that ship Australia wide. Eccentric and individual, holdable and huggable, the name has become synonymous with happy bubs from London to Sydney, New York to Paris and far, far beyond.

There is a true sense of wonder that bubs experience cuddling their Bashful Bunny, with its silly charm and soft material making them one of the quintessential first baby toys. The Fauve + Co shop is a proud stockist of this wonderful designer, and we’re sure you will find a furry little friend for your welcome new bub to adore for years to come.

Jellycat Bunnies in Small & Medium Sizes

The collection, for sale right here at the Fauve + Co online store, is perfect for babies of all ages. Available in a range of colours (think vibrant tulip pink, breezy beige & navy blue) as well as a variety of sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect fuzzy bunny for your special new bundle.

They love making new friends, and love their new owners so much that they find themselves sticking around for years to come. They love to play with their new friends, with games like “Race Around the Roses” and “Hide and Seek in the Heathers” (make sure their beautiful new clothing doesn’t get messy!) being some of their all time favourites.

If ever you were looking for the most charming and delightful little fur friend for a gorgeous little munchkin, nothing beats the joy that comes with this adorable little playmate.

Fauve + Co: Inspiring Newborn Wonder

Fauve + Co has a love for all things cute, playful, silly and stylish, so it is only natural that we want to provide Aussie bubbas with super soft Jellycat Bashful Bunnies. What makes them even better is the way you can add one of these fuzzy babies to our legendary gift packs. Whether purchasing one of our pre-packaged collections, or designing a specialised hamper, this soft toy makes for the perfect accompaniment to our packs, replete with dummies, headbands, bibs and more.

Complete the collection with an elegant milestone card and you have created the ideal newborn welcome gift. The Fave + Co team is always happy to create new and unique pack designs for special new bubbas, so feel free to get designing and we’ll deliver something truly special.