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58 products

58 products

Add tranquility into your space with stunning hand-poured candles

The soft flickering flame of a lit votive evokes warm memories, is mood-enhancing and relaxing. From soft aromas to tantilising (almost delicious) scents, we love this range for year-round comfort in any space.

Over the years, these wonderful products have evolved from being an original light source to being the pinnacle of R&R – taking us from a stress-free bath time session through to jazzing up our interior design. And because they’re now available in so many designs and scents, there are truly too many choices to take your pick from. And, well, we’re only going to add to that..

Red Hill soy candles are the perfect addition to any room

There’s no doubt these products do wonders for the senses and Red Hill’s iconic range does even more than that. These soy candles are made in Melbourne, poured right here in Victoria’s stunning Mornington Peninsula. Now, this brand is known to offer some of the finest options in the space, sparking candle-envy with their assortment of wicks and elegant scents.

 Hand-poured soy candles are made from natural products that are clean and safe. This means they burn longer, are aromatic, and the throw (scent circulation) is not overpowering. Specifically, Red Hill’s range comes in attractive pale blue jars that look pleasing in any setting. They are long-lasting (burn for 35 hours) and are reasonably priced. Support the local economy, buy these beauties and top it off with a room fragrance spray, and you’ll never want to leave your home.

Too many options to choose from

These hand-poured soy candles are made in Melbourne below and are available in a number of fragrances, including:  

We also stock a collection of room fragrance sprays:

Quick tips to make your candle last longer

  • Burn your product for more than two hours during the first use. This gets rid of the first layer of wax and lets it burn properly the next time.
  • Avoid placing your votive in a windy space.
  • Trim your wick regularly.
  • Re-centre the wick after every use. This lets the wick last longer and prevents black smoke from appearing.
  • Don’t leave the lid off, if you have one.
  • Clean the glass with a wet cotton bud or pad (warm, soapy water works well).

We believe these little jars of magic can enhance the ambience of any room – small or large – and relax the mind completely.  Shop this vibrant range online now at Fauve + Co for delivery throughout Australia.


  1. They make for the perfect gift for mums!