Baby Milestone Cards

25 products

25 products

Eco-Friendly Baby Milestone Discs and Cards

If you are looking for a way to celebrate your little one’s growth each month with natural products curated in Australia, you can do this using our wooden milestone cards. These have been designed to be neutral to suit any colour palette and are absolutely adorable to gaze at.

Create some of the most cherished memories without any hassle – from announcing your new bundle's arrival to tracking their progress up to one year of age (yay, you made it), with all the exciting things your little one achieves during their first year.

These rainbow-inspired, wooden milestone discs are not designed as a toy, but provide parents with a special prop to use when capturing photos that will help make those treasured moments even more unique.

After you have been nurturing this precious human in utero, celebrating each month as they grow and change is one of the sweetest ways to have a keepsake for years to come. Capture all the adventures, stages and special occasions as they learn to smile, giggle and move around.

Dress to Impress with the Baby Milestone Cards

When making a record of your cherished bundle's firsts, be confident in knowing that we have everything you need at Fauve + Co for a perfectly captured moment. Choose from various organic newborn clothescotton baby blankets and wooden toys to ensure your little one is looking as cute as can be for each set of photos. 

The beautifully soft cotton blankets can be personalised, and our clothing comes in a range of neutral-coloured short and long-sleeved rompers, knotted gowns and sweet little headbands that pair well with the discs. The toys are an excellent addition to the celebration each month, adding a personal touch as your babe gets older and begins to sit up and crawl around.

Memories to Treasure for Life

It is easy to forget every one of those precious moments of your infant’s first year of growth, which is why we believe that our wooden baby milestone cards are essential when bringing new life into this world.

Whether buying as a gift for a loved one or yourself, you cannot go wrong with giving the gift of lasting memories, especially in the neutral tones that are reminiscent of lifestyle in Australia without being gender-specific. Whether you choose to share these moments on social media, with your family and friends, or fill an album that you can treasure, this set allows you to celebrate without taking away from the real star of the show – your child. 

When you browse through our collection, you have a choice of a whole set or just the birth announcement, which is a magical way to introduce your infant to all your loved ones. Add these items to the cart, and they will be delivered directly to your doorstep.