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Making Mealtimes Easy with Baby Dinner Sets

Mealtimes just got a whole lot easier with our silicone baby dinner sets – perfect for when your little one's journey in solids begins. As your baby grows, their needs will change – so we offer various silicone bowls, bibs and plates across Australia to help make eating fun and a little cleaner.

As your tiny person begins to explore food, our silicone bibs are a must-have to catch those not-so-little messes that either end up in the high chair or on the floor. These are designed so that whatever drops from their little hands ends up in the catch-all, which can easily be emptied and wiped clean.

Sustainably Made Dinner Sets for Little Ones

At Fauve and Co, we like our customers to have peace of mind when choosing our products. This is why we stock items that are 100% non-toxic, free from BPA and a sustainable choice.

Our sets are suitable for six months and above, containing:

  • Suction bowl with lid and spoon
  • Bib
  • Suction divided plate

This is the ideal combination for having everything you need for your little one's meals. They’re also perfect for using on the go.

If you are looking for a gift for a new mum, be confident that our products have less impact on the environment than any plastic alternatives. These are durable, safe and practical – and come in a range of rustic colours that suit the modern palette. 

Perfect for Reaching Milestones

When learning new skills with our tableware, your little one will reach the stars. The suction plate and bowl stays steady and glued to the table as they navigate with the spoon or their little hands, without knocking anything over. This means less mess for you to clean, and more opportunities for self-feeding while exploring. It’s our aim to help you start your children out right on their food journeys, and make reaching their milestones easy.

The divided plates are great when your bubs begin to eat finger food and separate the vegetables from one another. They can clearly see what is set out for them to eat, and they can easily pick up each piece as they choose.

Making eating fun and starting your children on the right foot from an early age will help to create better long-term habits. This includes using utensils like spoons and bowls from the outset, so they know what to expect when they become strong-willed toddlers. 

Browse through our collection online and choose from our quality items that are both stylish and practical. We also stock a range of silicone teethers, play mats and bandana bibs that are excellent for catching any dribbles. 

Add your purchases to your cart and choose from one of our convenient payment options to receive your items directly to your doorstep across Australia. We look forward to helping you make mealtimes with your little person fun.