The Best Guide to Buying Baby Clothes

Whether your bundle of joy has arrived or you have one on the way, dressing babies can be a daunting and somewhat difficult task. Most of us have enough trouble pulling together the perfect outfit for ourselves, but choosing the best clothes for your little one is a whole other story.

Here at Fauve + Co, we believe all children should be dressed comfortably, practically and stylishly. Finding that perfect balance isn’t always easy – but not with our range. That’s why we work so hard on our range of baby clothing.

Our team is fully involved in all aspects of the design process to ensure our adorable collection of rompers, beanies and clothing are made with nothing but the highest quality. We believe your bubs deserve the best right from birth, so all of our creations are ethically made with 100% organic cotton.

Read on to hear our industry insider tips for selecting and styling your little angel, starting with our baby size guide.

Baby clothes size guide

Step 1: It’s all about the fit

Getting the right size for your little one’s clothing is always going to be a challenge – they grow so fast. This is why we recommend choosing garments that fit a little looser, especially if your child is less than three months old. This way, not only will they grow into the clothes you buy, but they’ll also avoid any eczema and skin irritation along the way.  

So which of your sizes should I start with?

Here at Fauve + Co, we understand it can be difficult for new parents to get their heads around sizing – especially when there’s so much to do. That’s why we’ve created a pioneering in-house sizing system, which is clearly labelled with the average size for your infant’s age group for your convenience.

Scroll down to see how our system compares to the sizing generally used for baby clothes.

Everything you need to know about the Australian sizing system

Typically, baby sizes in Australia follow the same system that we’ll showcase in the chart below. However, keep in mind that every bub is different, and it’s quite normal for healthy babies to not fit into newborn sizes, even right after they’re born.

The final word on fit

We’ve created an easy-to-read chart of all our sizes vs standard sizes and your bubba’s age/weight. This is ideal for keeping close at hand for any future purchases.

Your baby’s size and weight

Fauve + Co sizes

Standard sizes

Premature and especially tiny babies (~2 kg)


Size 00000

Newborns (~3 kg)


Size 0000

0-3 months old (~6 kg)

0-3 months old

Size 000

3-6 months old (~8 kg)

3-6 months old

Size 00

6-9 months old (~10 kg)

6-9 months old

Size 0


Step 2 - Comfort is king

We all know how tempting it is to only dress your little one in the best of the best! We agree – while it’s adorable and oh so fun to dress your baby to the nines for certain special occasions, like going to see Grandma or their first baby photos, it’s essential to make sure your child is comfortable and warm on an everyday basis. (There’ll be plenty of time to dress up and spoil your bub as they grow.)

Sometimes it can be a little bit tricky to ensure the comfort of your little one, but here are a few things to keep in mind when trying them out in new snuggly outfits:

1. Way over my head

You’ll quickly realise that dressing your tot is even harder than dressing yourself. Dressing your newborn and removing clothing can be uncomfortable for little ones, so it’s important to choose outfits that allow you to do so quickly and gently.

For their comfort, try to choose garments that you won’t need to pull over their soft little heads. This is why front snaps and fastenings are a staple in most little closets. Opting for a wide neck also helps in reducing any irritation on their skin.

2. Dress to (im)press

Buttons – especially back buttons – are a big no-no for babies’ clothing. Whether you’re quickly performing a nappy change or want to get your infant out of a dirty outfit, press studs are your best friend for dressing your adorable youngster.

It’s essential to keep in mind that other fastenings – including drawstrings, ties and ribbons – can easily become a choking hazard. It’s best left to leave these until after your bub has moved past the teething phase.

Show natural fibres some love

The fabric we use at Fauve + Co is made from 100% organic cotton, which is treated to be hypoallergenic for you and your baby. Natural fibres such as cotton and linen are a marker of well-made children’s outfits, as they have a high level of natural stretch and in-built wicking technology to keep your newborn as dry as possible.

Stretchy fabrics are another favourite as they permit a high level of movement and the flexibility for your little one to move around. They’re also ideal for quick, easy changes – no shame, we’ve all been there!

It’s also important to avoid pieces that are made with synthetic fibres, as these can put your little one at risk of rashes and eczema (as well as being a major fire hazard).

Choosing the basics for babies

We know that there’s an overwhelming abundance of baby clothes out there, both online and in-store.

We’ve tried to streamline the process by picking out the essentials to save you time and money when you’re shopping for your bub. Not sure what those are? Read on for our list of basics for babies below.

The classic singlet

While most adults no longer wear them, singlets are perfect for babies to sleep in to keep them cool during summer.

You can also layer them through the winter. Layering is a great way to make sure that your baby doesn’t overheat or get cold, as you can always put on or take off another piece. This is ideal when you’re venturing out into the big, wide overstimulating world outside.

Growsuits, jumpsuits and onesies

Growsuits are absolutely adorable – we agree. These easy-to-wear and easy-to-change garments are perfect for babies of all ages. They can be used as full outfits in the day or a layer at night or during the colder months.

To make sure your little one has a little more coverage and warmth, add a cute pair of leggings or light cotton trousers over their bodysuit. However, keep anything with a tight waistband til after the period of umbilical cord healing is complete (around two months after birth).

Warm wooly mittens

Whether or not it’s winter, it’s essential to have mittens and socks on hand to keep your baby’s little fingers warm. These also ensure your precious little bub doesn’t hurt themselves by scratching with and teething on their nails.

To keep those cute little tootsies warm, our range of booties, shoes & socks is a great place to start. These have grips on the soles to prevent slipping – which is great for older babies who are crawling and starting to walk. We’re here to support their first steps, with love and adoration in every piece.

Buying clothes is just the beginning

We know all this information about your bub and their ever-growing list of essentials is a lot to handle. But before you go on browsing, there are a few more things you need to know about dressing your little bundle for softness and security.

Check the care label

It’s always important to wash and dry your garments according to the care tag. We know that many people don’t obey the manufacturer’s suggestions. Still, it’s important to wash with a neutral, hypoallergenic detergent without perfume or added fabric softener when it comes to your baby. 

Hot water and a separate washing cycle to your clothes also help eliminate germs that might make their way into those bodysuits and booties! Drying in sunlight or the dryer afterwards is crucial to kill off any extra bacteria, which could disrupt a growing immune system.

Storage solutions

It’s easy to accumulate a large number of baby clothes – whether they’re given as gifts in our baby hampers by loving parents-in-law, or your babe is growing at a seemingly exponential rate.

Keeping your child’s clothes clean and organised neatly in folded cubbies or hanging spaces helps you to keep track of the items they’ve outgrown and which can continue to be worn.

While this guide is an excellent start, our incredible team is here to answer any queries or questions you might have – from the fit to the function of the little fashionista’s wardrobe.

With free shipping Australia-wide on orders over $100, you can pick up some cute onesies and more for your bub all in one go! You’re just a few clicks away from having the best-dressed bub in town.