Protecting Their Skin: Picking the Right Fabrics For Your Baby

When shopping for goodies for a new bub, the number of choices on the market can seem overwhelming. From organic brands to traditional cotton, heavy wool, merino, and more, you want to make sure that the fabric nurturing your little one will keep them warm, snug, and secure. (We know, the temptations are real.)

Whether it’s a new onesie for your own newborn or a gift for your favourite Mumma, the discussion surrounding organic textiles for little people is important. Why? Because our skin can absorb up to 60% of the ingredients we put onto it—even more for little ones! From skin care to body wash, ethically-made fabrics and more, reduce the risk of your bubs having a contact reaction to harsh materials and shop chemical-free.

Wondering if there is a difference between traditionally sourced and eco-friendly fabrics? We’ve summarised a basic overview of the difference between the two for you to consider when shopping for little ones close to home.

Why shop organic?

First things first—we never want to imply that buying sustainable clothing is the only option for every baby. Because we know that some ethically made and low-toxin materials can come at a higher price point, the Fauve + Co team always want to emphasise that the health and wellbeing of your baby are influenced by more than their clothes.

Just one of the choices that some parents, family, and friends opt for are low-toxin materials—-check out our quick overview here.

From cotton to linen, merino wool, and more, organic textiles—those that have been certified as ‘100% Certified Organic’—have been farmed and manufactured in a way that follows strict production standards. From low toxin crop sprays to fabric dyes and solutions, every step along the way to manufacturing certified products is closely monitored.

Because some crops are known to be grown with heavy pesticide and chemical use—think cotton, soy, and corn—eco-conscious farmers sidestep these common practices and use only plant safe solutions in their fields. As a result, textiles made from their farms can be certified organic—be it cotton, hemp, or wool.

From bedsheets to blankets, onesies, and jumpers, organic textiles can be used in the manufacturing of clothing and common household items. Because the fabric was made with strict chemical-free compounds, the risk of coming into contact, sucking, or biting fabrics that have been treated with harsh chemicals is reduced.

Like we said—organic food and clothing, household products, and more can come with a higher price tag and we respect every parents’ decision to buy what is best for their child. If you have been looking for a brand that follows strict eco-guidelines and only source from Australian-made, ethical suppliers, Fauve + Co might just be your team.

Safe and Sound: Shopping Ethically with Fauve + Co

Whether you’re after a gift for Mum and bub, a Mother’s Day present, or a baby shower, Fauve + Co is a committed team that only offer items from ethically sourced suppliers. With eco-conscious clothing, blankets, and self-care gifts for Mum, we’ve taken the hard yards out of choosing eco-friendly products.

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