Nesting in Pregnancy: Four Ways to Make the Most of It

Chances are you have heard of the term "nesting." After all, it is common in pregnancy, but you may not understand what it's all about. This period takes place while your baby is growing to term in your womb. It’s not only something humans experience – birds, cats and other mammals all experience the same thing, with the overwhelming urge to prepare for a significant life change.

This instinct emerges close to the end of your third trimester, and often presents itself as bursts of energy and a desire to organise, clean and tidy your home. It is all about feeling the need to protect your little one and plan for their arrival.

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It is essential to understand that everyone's experience is unique and will occur at different moments. For some, it may kick in the second trimester; for others, it may only be a week or two before the due date. There is no norm, and some mums never feel the desire. That is ok.

Making the Most of Nesting

These tips will help you to balance this season so that it is productive while also providing an opportunity to rest and take care of yourself before the birth:

  1. Finish the Nursery

This is a great point to channel your energy into completing the nursery. Purchase your baby's bedding, make the crib, wash their clothes, and ensure you have all the little bits and pieces you need like swaddles and rompers. Preparing ahead means you’ll be able to enjoy those early weeks of bonding, knowing you have everything in check.

  1. Stock up the Freezer

Take advantage of this energy surge and make up some freezer-friendly foods that are easy to warm – soups, muffins, stews… anything you can think of, clearly marked and stored in the freezer. It will be one less thing to think about as you adjust to life as a new parent and get into the groove of adding another member to the household. You will appreciate the ease this gives your days once you return from the hospital.

  1. Create the Birth Notice

Get the birth notice prewritten as much as you can so that you can add the name, date, weight etc., once your newborn arrives. Now is the opportunity to say exactly what you want without the feeling of tiredness once your babe comes.

  1. Pack your Hospital Bag

The ideal time to prepare your bag is before labour starts. Many call this a ‘go-bag’ – including everything you need, like a pillow, clothes for you, sanitary items, slippers and any other comforts you may need. Making a list is a great way to ensure you pack all that you need ahead of time, meaning less stress when the time comes to make your way to the hospital.

During this special time leading up to the birth before labour, it doesn't have to be a flurry of activity. Doing a small amount each day can create the perfect balance between preparing and enjoying time with loved ones and resting.