How to Swaddle your Baby Safely

When newborns arrive, they’re so delicate, cute and fragile. They need all the warmth, soothing and protection they can get, especially in a way that’s practical for feeding, changing and bathing.

We have just the thing to help them – and you. It’s called swaddling, and there is a right way to do it.

Let’s start with material

First, selecting the right material is a must. Delicate, fresh skin doesn’t react to coarse cotton the way that adult skin does. Nor does it react well to dyes, which is why organic is the way to go. As you’ll see in our beautiful range, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style.

Once you select a gorgeous piece for your little one, it’s time to wrap them up and keep them safe and warm. Let’s go through the process and show you how it’s done.

A simple, easy way to keep bub snug

While you’re certain to have a whole wardrobe of cute clothing to dress your newborn in, the all-important wrap is what keeps them soothed and secure.

Bundling them up correctly is essential as children’s bones are still very malleable and need time to set. If you cocoon them just right, they’ll be set to crawl and walk quickly.

To do this, you’ll want to:

  1. Lay the cloth in a diagonal on the surface you’re working on
  2. Gently place your munchkin so that their head and feet are aligned with the “centre” of the diamond shape
  3. Take the bottom corner and thread it through the legs
  4. Bring arms down to the sides
  5. Take one side edge and place it across the torso
  6. Gently roll your child along the width of the material
  7. Finally, tuck the exposed corner into the cloth.

That’s it – you’ve successfully bundled your precious cutie in a few simple, easy steps. Now you’re free to feed, cuddle or let them snooze with the knowledge that they’re safe and sound.

How long do you keep babies swaddled after birth?

Generally, we recommend keeping newborns nestled for the first few weeks. Not only does this keep scratching down, but also lulls them into a state of calmness, comfort and security.

You’ll find everything you need to do this in our adorable baby swaddle and muslin collection. Featuring unique, stylish prints on high-quality organic fabrics, they’re all you need to ensure a happy, healthy start for the newest family member in your world. Have fun shopping, and put our tips to good use.