How to Shop for Gender-Neutral Baby Gifts

We’re seeing a bigger shift in cultural norms, especially when it comes to colour palettes across baby items. There is now a welcoming and significant shift occurring, straying away from the ‘pink is for girls and blue is for boys’ mindset, as we acknowledge and embrace more inclusive ways of raising children.

The giving of gender-neutral gifts can be a great way to further continue this inclusive practice, rather than enforcing gender stereotypes. Fortunately, there are beautiful neutral and natural colours that make it easy to shop in a gender-less way to celebrate the forthcoming arrival or the birth of a newborn. Autumn colours of sun-burnt oranges, leafy greens and earthy browns provide a gorgeous natural colour palette that transcends gender and provides us with a new landscape.

Colours to choose for your gender-neutral baby products

Neutral and earthy colours

You can't go past well-thought-out unisex gifts that include various items in gift boxes. These can include books, soft toys, shoes, massage and bath oils, teethers, rattles, muslin blankets, bibs, toys, hairbrushes and more. We recommend opting for neutral and earthy warm tones that make it so easy to move away from traditional notions of gender being linked to specific shades. A mix of both practical and stylish items make for the perfect present and colour schemes become more connected to the natural environment around us, rather than ‘female’ or ‘male’.

A Fauve + Co. favourite is the Hunter Baby Gift Box, which includes beautifully a stretchy cotton swaddle, a set of 2 All4Ella Bandana Bibs and a cuddly Jellycat Bunny. All in organic, warm and neutral tones that are a stunning colour scheme to suit any newborn.

Spring will be here before we know it

When spring rolls around, nature comes alive. Embrace this shift with colours of the sun, sea, sky and Earth. Greens are the ideal gender-neutral colour scheme to suit any bubs, and the Spring Baby gift box in our collection is the perfect reflection of this. Including an organic cotton romper, eucalyptus print bib and sage teether, all products are combined together in sustainable packaging to top it all off.

All the colours of the rainbow

There is now more diversity in families and it is important to acknowledge and embrace differing family structures. A Rainbow Baby gift box can be used as a gender-neutral present for bubs. Including a cotton muslin in a natural rust colour, body lotion, nappy cream, along with a rattle made of raw beechwood, a teether and a comforter, there’s plenty to love about this rainbow-inspired design.

Once you step away from notions of colour schemes for genders, it opens you up to a new way of looking at the world. Products are the same, just in more natural, earthy and warm tones and textures. The notion of gender being attached to particular colours disappears and shades are linked to the environment instead. And that’s an exciting way to think about our surroundings!