How to Play With a Newborn Baby

So the wait is over and you've finally met the gorgeous new addition to your family– congratulations! There’s so much that you’ll have on your plate from now on, and every moment is to be savoured. From feeding to bathing and sleep, your precious little bundle of joy is about to keep you busier than ever – and even though they’re only little, you’ll need to keep them occupied.

Newborns are fragile, tender and soft, so they not ready to interact with games like toddlers do. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find creative ways to engage their minds and bodies, watching as adorable reactions form on their faces.

You might be wondering how it’s possible to entertain bubs when they have just entered the world. Drawing upon our own experience (and those of many we’ve helped), we give you inspiration, tips and tricks so you can enjoy quality time for hours.

Why is baby play important?

Stimulation is something we all need, especially as newborns. While bubs can’t see very well for the first forty days of life (adjusting to light takes time), they can still use their other senses to have fun.

Sensory stimulation is essential as every new motion, movement and texture feeds into their fresh young minds to start building connections. There are many areas of the brain that are used for more than one process.

These interactions provide your child with healthy development, setting them up for a bright future. You can do so much to help them along the way, from the very first day they’re in your arms.

Here’s how to keep your bub stimulated from day one

As we mentioned, tiny eyes don’t see too well – but they can see from about your chest to your face. Pulling faces while you breastfeed or cuddle is a great way to get a reaction, especially as young minds seek facial expressions in order to read emotions. You can even use mirrors to help bub become familiar with their own body and develop self-awareness.

Singing, talking and reading to them is also a great idea. Their mother’s voice is especially important for development and emotional regulation, so let them hear it as much as possible.

Later on, you can introduce beautiful wooden baby toys to keep them entertained. We take pride in sourcing a stunning, classic range that’s crafted using natural materials and non-toxic paints, so safety is never a concern.

Until then, take our advice and keep your precious munchkin happy and active. We’d love to hear your stories that will undoubtedly come forth, so feel free to share them on our socials.