How to Dress Babies in Summer Safely

Life as a parent is a full one. Whether it’s changing nappies, trying to settle a sleep schedule, or feeding your little one, there is always something to do. One of the most enjoyable – and most important – parts of caring for your little darling is picking out the different clothes they will wear as you venture out with them into the world. However, finding the time to shop for the new season can prove to be an arduous task for a new parent. Knowing how tricky this can be for families, we at Fauve + Co strive to be a convenient and reliable source of information and quality products to make sure that your newborn has the best breathable babywear that they can have.

Living in a country like Australia, heat is something we need to contend with on a regular basis. Making sure that your newborn stays cool in these warm weather conditions is essential to keeping them safe and healthy. When thinking about how to dress your newborn in summer, it is important to remember that hot weather can be particularly dangerous for young babies who can’t regulate their body temperature yet. In fact, babies are known to get dehydrated faster than older children and adults, meaning that the high temperatures can have a serious impact on their little bodies. Overheating has even been linked to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), which is a fatal sleeping disorder and every parent’s worst nightmare. This is why making sure that your bundle of joy is cool and comfortable in the summer, by wearing organic, breathable babywear. Therefore, knowing how to dress your newborns in summer is invaluable.

How to Tell if Baby is Too Hot

When thinking about how to dress your baby to keep them cool in summer, it is important to recognise the signs they exhibit when they are too warm or overheating.

If your baby looks flushed, feels sweaty or clammy to the touch and is breathing more rapidly than usual, then it is likely that they are feeling too warm to be comfortable. This in turn can cause them to become irritable and fractious, lead to the development of a heat rash, and, in some cases, can even lead to heatstroke.

To stop your little one from overheating, it is important to ensure they are dressed appropriately in breathable babywear, in a well-ventilated space and kept well hydrated. It is vital to remember that even if your baby isn’t sweating, they can still become dehydrated in the hot summer weather, so make sure that they get enough fluids by breastfeeding or giving formula frequently. Appropriately dressing your baby in summer goes a long way to keep your little one happy and safe in the hot weather, and there are several simple ways to do so successfully.

5 Things to Remember When Dressing Your Babies in Summer Safely

It’s pretty clear that dressing your baby in summer is something that requires thought and preparation. But what do newborns wear in summer? When thinking about how to dress your newborn in summer, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Buy breathable babywear materials, made from natural fibres, and that are loose-fitting. Cotton is a great one to try, as these absorb moisture more easily, fit loosely and help your baby to regulate their temperature to prevent overheating.
  2. When putting together your little one’s outfit for the day, think about the potential sun exposure they might have during the day. You don’t have to cover them from their head to toes, but items like hats, loose long-sleeved shirts and shorts will go a long way to helping them avoid getting sunburn.
  3. Layers are key! We are all familiar with those days where a chilly morning can turn into a boiling afternoon, or a warm day turns into a nippy evening. When this happens, it is important to keep your baby comfortable all day long and dressing in layers is one way to manage this.
  4. Hot or cold, hats are an essential part of any outfit to protect your baby from getting too much sunlight. Cover baby’s head with a light, wide-brimmed hat to stop any harmful rays and keep them cool in the warm weather.
  5. When planning on a day out where you will be using the car, be careful not to overdress your newborn. We all know how hot it can get in cars, so be mindful to dress them in one layer only, with no hats and their feet uncovered. This is because babies transfer heat out from their feet and head to help cool themselves.

How to Dress Babies in Summer at Home

At home, you can better control your environment and combat the heat outside. With this in mind, it is still important to know how to dress your baby in breathable babywear to keep them cool, comfortable, and safe in the summertime.

When thinking about how to dress babies in summer or what do newborns wear, the convenience of being in your own home means that you can prioritise function over anything else. Whether you have the air-conditioning on all day or have fans running for ventilation, the easiest way to keep your baby cool is to put fewer layers on them. A good rule of thumb to follow is to dress your little one in no greater than one layer than you or other adults would wear to feel comfortable in your environment.

You can also try dressing your babies in breathable babywear that is the next size up. This will allow for more air circulation to help keep them cool, within the comfort of your home.

Night-Time Outfits for Dressing Your Baby in Summer

Making sure that your baby is kept cool and comfortable in breathable babywear while they sleep at night is one of the best ways to keep them safe in the summer. While the adorable long-sleeved, trousered onesie is a regular feature in the baby pyjama rotation, in the summer, these outfits can do more harm than good. Many are made from thick material, with attached booties that retain heat and restrict air circulation. Some simple alternatives for how to dress your newborn to keep them from overheating are:

  1. Dress your baby only in their nappy and swaddle them in a thin sheet. This will stop heat from getting trapped and promote a cool airflow to keep your baby comfortable while they sleep.
  2. Use lightweight muslin or mesh swaddles and blankets so that they can still be wrapped tightly for safety but allow for breathability all through the night.
  3. Use cotton baby sheets for the crib, cot or bassinet to allow for increased breathability and moisture absorption as your baby sleeps.

Ideas for How to Dress Your Newborn in Summer with Breathable Babywear

How you dress your little one is all down to your personal style, but there are some go-to pieces to help you and your family beat the summer heat.

Baby shorts are a classic and practical choice for keeping your baby cool in warmer weather. You can get these in a variety of colours and fabrics, but natural fibres like cotton or hemp will add that extra level of comfort for your little one. You can pair these with a simple tee or bodysuit to complete the summer look.

Baby rompers are ideal for those hot summer days since they are usually made from lightweight organic cotton or breathable linen. With plenty of room for movement, you can pair these with a simple tee for added sun protection for the outdoors.

Baby hats are another key addition to any summer wardrobe for your newborn. While they are commonly associated with keeping babies warm, a wide-brimmed sunhat will protect your baby’s face, ears and neck from the sun. It will also help to keep your little one’s body temperature at a normal level, preventing heat rash or heat stroke.

Organic Clothing for Dressing Your Baby in Summer

Ensuring that your precious little one has the best quality, organic clothing and breathable babywear will go a long way to helping them stay cool, calm and comfortable in the hot summer months. We at Fauve + Co have a wide variety of baby clothes for newborns to wear, ethically made out of the best materials so that they are a comfortable and practical choice to help nurture and comfort your little bundle of joy as they play, learn and grow.

Find something for your newborns to wear in summer and take a look at our range of organic baby clothes and breathable babywear to begin building your baby’s summer wardrobe. Including a wide range of rompers, bodysuits, bloomers and accessories, we will have something for every occasion, ready to help your little one stay cool, comfortable and safe in the warmer weather.