Doing Right by Mum: Self-care During Pregnancy and Beyond

If you’re looking to bring a special something for both Mum and bub to your next baby shower, consider the importance of gifting something that caters to both of their needs. Never minimising the importance of what we buy for our littlest ones, we always want to highlight the work Mama’s put in and the need for her own self-care.

Need an idea? Instead of searching through our extensive range of ethically sourced products, we’ve rounded up some great ideas for your favourite Mum (or Dad!) Want to remind all hard-working parents that time for themselves is good for all? Check out our gift recommendations to see what could best support their self-care days.

Honouring Mums and Bubs Alike

More than any other team, we appreciate how much fun and joy can be felt when flipping through pint-sized baby clothes. But what about Mumma? Knowing the selfless care they put in to keep their little ones safe and warm, we think that every parent deserves their own special something once and a while.

If you’re looking for a great self-care gift for a parent (that they can sneak in when the little ones are asleep!), consider the following options:

  • Herbal teas: great for mamas avoiding caffeine, herbal teas are a calm, quiet way to enjoy a moment alone.
  • Bath soaks and salts: does your favourite parent have a little more downtime? Bath soaks and salts can help ease tired muscles and offer great aromatherapy benefits.
  • Skincare, body lotions: does Mama need a little pampering? Self-massage (or even a 3-minute facial!) can go a long way in helping busy parents to feel ‘normal’ again.
  • Candles: need a moment of calm? Scented candles bring a warm soft glow to every home. Great for winding down after a long day, candles can be a quiet way to unwind when the little ones are down for the night.
  • Journals: for the Mum or Dad looking to capture their favourite moments or reflect on the day-to-day, a journal dedicated to thoughts, notes, and scrapbook worthy tokens can help them remember this special time in their newborn’s life.

Bringing Out the Best: Organic, Ethically Made Gifts for Mum

We recognise how busy and overwhelming caring for little ones can be. Because of this, we think it’s important that every family member is able to have their own few minutes to stop, pause, and breathe. Running on a tight schedule? Self-care doesn’t have to take much time—even a quick five minutes to enjoy a calming tea or candle can be the pick-me-up needed when the tiny ones are asleep.

If you’re looking for more great mum and dad gifts, check out the Fauve + Co collection. With great options for parents near and far alike, we can help your favourite family members feel recognised and cared for whether they’re across the Pacific or closer to home.