Advantages of Wooden Toys Over Plastic Toys

Once upon a time, many generations ago, wooden toys were all that our ancestors had available.

These days, toy selection spans polymer-encased electronic, synthetic materials and even digital options. However, old-fashioned options continue to remain favourites of the young and young-at-heart and stand out from the crowded market.

Having carefully sourced a large selection of items that fall into this category, we believe that there are many reasons why these ever-popular playthings continue to sell. Even in the modern world, there are many benefits that simply can’t be experienced with plastic or other materials, making designs crafted from timber an invaluable investment for your child’s future.

Wooden vs plastic toys: what’s the difference?

Children love to explore the world with their senses. Taste, touch, smell, sound and sight are all part of the sensory learning experience. The objects they interact with form an integral part of how their minds and bodies develop, which is why it’s so important to consciously choose products that provide the best opportunity for healthy growth.

While the market is saturated with slick plastic cars, dolls and an array of novel inventions, these can often pose a risk to young ones due to the materials they’re made with. Many plastic products contain BPA and phthalates, which are toxic when ingested. Additionally, the bright colours of the polymers are often achieved with lead paint, a compound that is neither child nor adult safe!

Unlike our wooden teething rings, these substances are not safe for the little mouths of babies and toddlers. Unfortunately, the manufacturer is not obliged to disclose the chemical make-up of their product, so it’s difficult to know which styles might be harmful unless you shop with a company that exclusively sources safe options.

In our experience, pinpointing quality takes some time and effort, but it is well worth the search. The timber trinkets that we have located are lovingly crafted and either naturally finished or decorated with non-toxic paint, which means they’re 100% safe for the tiniest of kids. Timber also happens to be a natural antibacterial, so there’s no need to worry about cleaning blocks, animals or rings carved out of it.

The beautifully crafted wooden toys in the Fauve + Co collection nourishes both their physical and mental development. Each design is infused with artisanal care, forming items that are simple yet powerful. The grain and texture of each shape offer more to explore than the smooth moulded surfaces of their plastic counterparts.

More importantly, it’s the simplicity of our design, free from electronics and artificial sound, that nurtures a big imagination, allowing little minds to roam, dream, solve problems and think creatively all on their own.

Invest in heirlooms that create a history

The charm of old-fashioned rocking horses and block sets is hard to deny. For many families, these items have endured the explorations of several generations, and continue to await further additions. They become a part of the family itself as heirloom pieces, the value of which can never be measured or replaced.

If you have yet to add such pieces to your child’s collection, we invite you to browse our selection for the cutest and most unique options in Melbourne.

Whether you’re buying for your own child or as a gift for a new arrival, we believe it’s never too late to begin investing in the next generation.