5 Brilliantly Fun Baby Shower Games

When planning a baby shower, whether it’s virtual or in person, you want the day to be fun, memorable and a beautiful celebration for your mama-to-be.

Here’s our list of game ideas that are bound to provoke fun and laughter – but most of all, help to celebrate the new parents-to-be as they embark on a new adventure.

  1. Dirty Nappy

While it looks a bit gross, this activity is always a hit, and involves melted chocolate in a nappy. The disposable nappies get passed around the room – with each guest guessing what kind of chocolate has been squished or melted by sniffing and looking at it. Once each answer has been written down, the prize goes to whoever gets the most guesses right. 

  1. Put the Nappy on the Doll

Wearing a blindfold, it's a race against each other to see who can put a nappy on the doll first. The nappy also must stay on when you lift the doll up ike you would a real baby. Instead of a blindfold, you could also play with an arm behind your back, or use stuffed toys instead of a doll.

  1. Don't Cross Your Legs

This is one of those games that will have people laughing and pointing fingers. Expectant mums can’t cross their legs – so why not get everyone else in on the trouble? As each guest arrives, give them a clothes peg to attach to their clothes. The aim is not to cross your legs the entire time you're at the party, but if you get caught crossing yours, someone can steal your peg/s. The winner is whoever has the most pegs at the end.

  1. Emoji Fun

This one can be played at an online celebration or in person, and will get everyone thinking. Create a list of emojis that are titles of books. Each participant needs to write them down in the allotted time, and whoever gets the most right wins. Can you guess this one?  

Answer: Guess How Much I Love You!

  1. Decorating a Bodysuit

This activity lets your guests get a little bit creative, while allowing them to give the mama-to-be a beautiful, personalised gift to welcome bubs. Lay out different coloured textas and let the ideas and creativity flow as your guests draw and create something special on a bib or bodysuit. The most creative design wins.

Bonus Idea – "New Parents" Game

Similar to the ‘newlyweds’ game, this is perfect as either a virtual or in-person activity – where you get to quiz the parents-to-be with how much they know about each other. Have everyone to write down some questions on coloured cards, then go round in a circle and read them out. Then watch the fun begin and see if the new parents-to-be get the same answers.

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