12 Great Toys for a Teething Baby

Teething is a difficult stage for both babies and parents. While your baby cutting their first tooth is an exciting milestone, it can also be a painful time with lots of fussing, crying and discomfort. In search of some relief, your little one will try to bite and chew on anything that they can find to try and soothe their sore gums. This is where teething toys come in, providing a safe and age-appropriate outlet for your baby. There are several things to keep in mind when selecting a teething toy for your baby, including durability, hygiene, cost and design, each making a vast difference to the quality of teethers and the impact that it has on your baby’s gums. With many options to choose from, we at Fauve + Co have selected 12 of our great toys for teething babies to help you find the perfect fit for your little one.

First, Let’s Explore When to Use a Baby Teether

It has been proven that babies do experience some comfort and relief by chewing on toys and objects when their teeth are starting to come in, as tender gums can feel soothed with the application of light pressure. But it can be tricky to decide when to start introducing baby teethers to your little one. Most babies experience teething symptoms around the 6-month mark, so there is a lot of room for movement, with no two babies’ development being the same. To know when your baby might need some support from a teether, you will notice things like your little one chewing on different items like blankets, toys and even their fingers, being cranky and irritable, visibly sore and swollen gums, and lots of dribbling. If your baby is exhibiting these signs, then a new tooth is likely just around the corner.

There are a variety of materials and designs that you can choose from when selecting a teether to help soothe your little one. Here is a selection of great toys for a teething baby in our Fauve + Co collection.

Silicone Teething Rings

An excellent choice for helping your little one cope with the pain and discomfort that comes with teething is the silicone teething ring. Your baby will be anything but gentle with these teether toys, making the silicone options ideal for hard-wearing activity as they are constructed with durable, long-lasting materials. The soft silicone teething parts are gentle on your baby’s gums, as well as lending themselves to being chilled in the fridge to provide that extra bit of relief.

3 Great Silicone Toys for a Teething Baby at Fauve + Co

Three great toys for teething babies in our collection of silicone teethers are our Pear Teethers, Cloud Teethers and Halo Teething Rings. Each of these toys are designed with 100% non-toxic food-grade silicone, free of BPA and other hidden nasties. Created for little hands to explore, our silicone teethers come in a variety of colours and styles, being both practical and stylish to ensure your baby receives the best to soothe their sore gums. With convenient handles, textured surfaces and smooth materials, the silicone teething rings and toys in our collections are specifically designed to support your baby’s development as they work their way through the teething milestones.

Wooden Teething Ring

There are a variety of benefits for choosing a wooden teething toy to help your little one cope with the symptoms of teething. Compared to other options, natural wooden teething rings are durable, non-toxic and chemical-free, while containing natural antibacterial properties. Many wooden teething rings are made with beech wood, which is a uniquely sustainable resource that can be grown in renewable forests. This means that more wood can be grown to replace what has been used, making these teether products a great choice for those looking for sustainable options.

3 Great Wooden Toys for a Teething Baby at Fauve + Co

Three great toys for teething babies in our collection of wooden teethers are our Timber Teether Birdie, Monstera Leaf Teether and Koko Koala Teether. Made from sustainable beech wood materials, these teethers are sure to provide some much-needed relief for your baby. Suitable for all ages, our expertly designed toys are easy to clean, durable and naturally antibacterial, free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC. With gorgeous, unique designs, our teether toys are perfect for chewing and gnawing to support your little one through these milestones. Take a look at our collections online today to find the ideal wooden teething rings for your little one to enjoy.

Rubber Teether

Teething toys made with 100% natural rubber are excellent choices for little ones looking to soothe their sore gums by chewing and chomping. As these teethers are generally made by being moulded in one piece, they are a very hygienic option, as there are little to no joins or cracks where dirt can get trapped or bacteria can grow. This protects your baby from additional problems like infection and irritation. Easy to grasp and with soft, textured surfaces, rubber teethers are ideal for massaging gums to relieve any discomfort your baby is feeling.

3 Great Rubber Toys for a Teething Baby at Fauve + Co

Three great toys for teething babies in our collection of rubber teethers are our Sophie la Giraffe Ring Teether, Tikiri Rubber Giraffe Zoo Animal and our Tikiri Lion Rubber Teether with Muslin Comforter. With lightweight constructions and easy to grab designs, each of these teether toys offer textured surfaces and smooth materials for developing teeth and to help soothe painful gums. With the natural rubber materials, these teethers double as toys for a variety of occasions, including bath and bedtime. With a variety of colours and designs, our rubber teething rings and toys are ideal for babies of all ages and interests to support them throughout their teething milestones.

Teething Rattle

Rattles are a classic staple for every baby’s toy collection that not only entertain babies but help them to learn many new skills that they will need later in life. These toys are excellent for baby play to help them learn to track objects, stimulate their interests, and develop audio and tactile stimulation. With a wide range of designs and materials available, you can find rattles with textured surfaces to help babies soothe their gums as they chew and gnaw on them. Great for fine motor development, these great toys for teething babies will help your little one explore the world around them, as well as build up the delicate muscles that they will need later on in life. Along with the soothing textures, the gentle rattle sounds work to offer an extra level of comfort to both delight and calm your baby.

3 Great Rattle Toys for a Teething Baby at Fauve + Co

Three great toys for a teething baby in our collection of rattle toy teethers are our Sophie la Giraffe Soft Maracas Rattle, Raw Beech Wood Rattle and Keepsake Baby Rattle. Each of these toys is designed with care and consideration for little hands, using 100% non-toxic materials. Flexible, smooth and soft, our collection of rattles ensure that babies are able to comfortably chew and chomp to help alleviate those painful teething symptoms. With colourful elements and extras like soft fabrics and decorative designs, these teething ring rattles are ideal for stimulating your baby as they work their way through the different milestones as they grow.

Shop Great Toys for Teething Online with Fauve + Co

At Fauve + Co, we have a variety of great toys for teething babies in our collections. These 12 suggestions for teething toys are just the beginning, with our diverse online collection offering a variety of silicone, rubber and wooden teethers to support your baby’s development. Perfect for meeting the challenges of the teething milestones, our products can be used for children of all ages. Made with natural, safe materials and carefully crafted to provide your little one with hours of relief, we are sure that you will find something that you need to help your baby cope with the pain and discomfort that comes with cutting their first teeth.

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