The ultimate baby checklist for brand-new parents

When children come, they bring a whole new learning experience to the table. There is so much they need in order to be healthy, happy and at their best.

At Fauve + Co, we’ve often been asked to provide a checklist of essentials for new parents who are on their first baby journey, and we have risen to the occasion. From clothing to feeding, our approach to parenting is always to provide the very best options to nourish little ones.

With our toolkit set out here in this article, you’ll be able to make sure that everything is prepared for your new arrival before the moment comes when you meet your bub for the very first time.

Must-have newborn essentials that you’ll need from the start

As soon as your child enters the world, they’ll need to be fed, clothed and cleaned. This is what your days will be filled with while your bundle of joy becomes accustomed to new life. And that’s exactly where having all the right newborn essentials available comes in handy.

Quality infant clothing is a must

Swaddles are the very first item that we recommend all parents purchase from the get-go. Composed of the softest cotton muslins, the cute designs in our hand-picked range are made to keep babies cocooned, warm and protected without any irritation to their fresh new skin.

Over organic cotton onesies, the stretch and non-stretch wraps we stock also help babies’ bones align correctly in their first few months. This is especially important at the hips, enabling them to walk with ease as they grow. With large dimensions available, you’ll find a sweet, stylish swaddle that accommodates your newborn perfectly at every stage of their growth.

Look to our range of newborn essentials – like our adorable onesies – for cleverly designed styles that allow for easy opening and closing. This will come in handy when changing nappies throughout the day, which will become easier with practice.

Experience has taught us that high-quality designs withstand the test of time, and allow fresh skin to breathe, day or night. You’ll find beautifully crafted, practical options that your little one will love to wear as you cuddle them, or lay them down to nap.

Pacifiers play a big role in encouraging sound sleep

At times, it can be challenging for sleep to settle in, which is where one of our dummy designs is essential.

Made from safe, sustainable materials, the unique pieces we proudly carry soothe newborns and settle them, leading them gently to slumber.

If the dummy happens to fall out as your baby sleeps away, we have a simple solution – dummies that attach to the cot, where you can easily find them.

Stock up on stimulating playthings

At a certain point in time, your child will seek to expand their horizons and explore the world. Play is the way they learn about their abilities, settings and space.

Fauve + Co is pleased to offer gorgeous wooden toys and playmats in a range of delightfully crafted designs that promote imaginative play, enduring all that little ones can bring them.

Introduce these items to your child when they can sit upright, and you’ll see the smiles that our products bring out in them. Before long, you’ll see the benefits of buying wooden toys to foster creativity and intelligence from an early age.

Browse through our site and find all the essentials you’ll need to prepare for your baby’s future. Melbourne’s best baby toys and supplies are available at the click of a button, arriving at your door with speed and convenience direct from the Fauve + Co premises with love and care.