How to Wash Baby Clothes With Ease

Even before bubs wear their first onesie, cleaning all their wearables is a must. Store-bought items travel through all kinds of conditions before they reach you, and a thorough clean will ensure that anything which might have been picked up along the way is removed.

Once you’ve taken the tags off your items, it’s time to get started. The array of chemicals available on the market can be overwhelming, and many options may cause irritation on your infant’s skin.

The process of choosing your detergent can be daunting, but with signature Fauve + Co practicality, we’ll help you unravel the mystery and ensure excellent results with ease.

Chemicals don’t have to be harmful

Our family-owned business has had generations of experience with various kinds of liquids and powders, so we know what works. The premium customer service we provide extends far beyond helping you source great quality items for your children and naturally flows into their care.

The safest course of action with infant clothing is to use high temperatures, ensuring that microbes are killed off in the process. Paired with a baby-friendly detergent, this is the easiest way to wash garments and accessories in one go, all without having to get your hands dirty.

Go natural with detergent

Plant-based, naturally-derived substances are the best choice for taking care of soiled onesies, swaddles and wraps.

It’s recommended that you choose unscented or very mildly scented options, as perfumes can be too strong for newborns and toddlers.

At times, you may need to pre-soak soiled pieces to ensure that they emerge fresh from the machine. This can be done with the same detergent and, if needed, a home-made baking soda and hydrogen peroxide paste can be used to remove tough stains from whites.

Soap is a smart option

Old-fashioned laundry soap is also handy to have within reach for those times when you need clean items fast, but a full load hasn’t accumulated for the machine.

Woollen clothing is perfect for cleaning in this way, avoiding shrinkage from high temperatures. This is also an ideal medium to use on our adorable bibs, whose designs will undoubtedly be splashed with all kinds of organic mess. A quick scrub with gentle laundry soap is an easy solution to fix the problem, with the quality fabrics in our range drying quickly for the next use.

Tip: to be sure that no irritation comes up, you may like to wash your clothing and bedding with the same detergent and soap as you do for your child, eliminating any risk of breakouts.

Quality care matters

Young skin is extremely sensitive when your little ones first enter the world, which is why extra care is essential. The Fauve + Co collection of organic baby clothes features premium quality, affordable options that lets young skin breathe, and are easily and effectively washed with the plant-based detergents and soaps recommended for infants.

Try our washing tips out on the delightful array of onesies, tops and bottoms available within our range, and discover what sets Fauve + Co products apart from the crowd. Feel free to visit our Melbourne store and experience the difference in person!