Creative play ideas for babies

Keeping your little ones busy in new and exciting ways can sometimes be tricky. With so many different games out there for bubs, keeping it fresh and creative is not always easy. As so many kids are fascinated by simple household objects, incorporating these into their antics can be a prime opportunity to make the most of what’s around you.

Here are a few easy ways to put more creative spark into your little one’s playtime.

How to let your child explore through toys

Peek-a-boo boards

Peek-a-boo boards are incredibly easy to make and can keep bub intrigued during playtime. Use photos of family, animals or pictures that can represent nursery rhymes and attach them onto a piece of cardboard.

Cover the photos with pieces of fabric light enough for your little one to lift and they can reveal what’s underneath. Jazz up the fabric with ribbons and other items to personalise the surface. If you’d like to keep the photos safe, cover them with clear tape or plastic to ensure safekeeping.

Sensory playmat

If you would like to incorporate a sensory experience for bub into playtime, get creative and make a sensory playmat? Similar to your usual design, this fresh and inspired approach features all of the bells and whistles (literally!) to keep your little explorer intrigued.

There are plenty of patterns online that incorporate items like buttons, textured quilts and tags for your baby to explore.


Storytelling is certainly not a new idea for kids, but it is easily one of the most popular (and for good reason).

During storytelling time, you can try out different voices and noises to put a smile on bub’s face – and there are plenty of tales to choose from. If you want to mix it up a bit, why not try out some finger puppets or fun picture books to keep your little one intrigued? If you use textured board books, your baby can also look at the pictures and feel the pages as you go through the journey.

Obstacle course

If your little one is starting to find their feet, a tailor-made obstacle course is a fantastic way for them to get moving.

Try including soft items – such as pillows and pool noodles – for them to wander over and through, Turn your lounge into a space they can comfortably explore. Not only will this put a huge smile on their face, but it will also keep them in one place as they look around their brand-new world.

Newspaper scrunching

If your place seems to accumulate plenty of newspapers, why not let your baby have a go at scrunching it up before you put it in the recycling? Give your bub a single sheet of newspaper and see if they can scrunch it up in the palm of their hand using only their fingers.

Tip: Make sure they keep their wrist on the table the whole time and that their elbow and shoulder stay low and comfortable. This is a great way to refine motor skills as well.