My Sensory Playbox - Small
My Sensory Playbox - Small

My Sensory Playbox - Small

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Sensory exploration is not only fun for little ones but it is also vital for their brain development.  It will also delight you seeing their little eyes mesmerised by the stimulation of their senses!

Research shows that sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain’s pathways, which lead to the child’s ability to complete more complex learning tasks. 

Sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, concentration, increases memory function and social interaction. 

Our ‘Sensory Play Box’ has been put together with your child's development in mind as well as your enjoyment.  Sensory play with your little one should be fun so be sure them when they grab, smile, laugh and concentrate as it will encourage them to continue and grow their sensory skills.

The Sensory Box contains:

Coloured Scarf

Scarves are fabulous for sensory play with your little one. They are bright, colourful and silky to touch and can be used in various ways to support learning through play.  They can be used for multiple activities.

- Approximately 60cm x 60cm

- Colour supplied at random

- This is not a toy. Adult supervision is required at all times

- Hand wash scarves only.

Dancing Ribbon Ring

Babies will love watching the bright colours swirling above them and feeling the different textured silky satin ribbons on their skin.

- 7 coloured ribbons (length approximately 50cm)

- Ribbon colours: Pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red

- This is not a toy. Never leave a child unattended with the ribbons.

Foil Blanket

The unique properties of the foil make this an excellent learning tool for your little one. Your child will love this crinkly, shiny foil blanket. 

- This is not a toy. To be used under adult super vision at all times.

- Approximately 210cm x 160cm.


Feathers promote development through playful interactions with touch and sight.

- Colour supplied at random

- This is not a toy. Adult supervision is required at all times


The beautiful wooden Maraca helps your child to develop hand-eye coordination, listening skills and a sense of rhythm.

- Only to be used with parental supervision.

- Approximate length 14 cm.

- Suitable for ages 3+

Crinkle Fabric

This gorgeous crinkle fabric is sure to delight your little one. The bright silky fabric and the crinkly sound when scrunched up is a wonderful sensory experience for your child in learning about textures and sound. 

- Dimensions 26 x 26cm

Each box includes a booklet which will give you ideas on how to use each of the items and the benefits to your child.




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