The Best Parenthood Podcasts and TV Shows in 2022

Parenthood truly is like a rollercoaster – both exhilarating and terrifying with all of its stunning peaks and tummy turning drops. The first year, and those first few months in particular, can be so overwhelming and at times make us desperately want to get off the ride for a while! But it is often connecting and relating to other parents going through the same thing that helps us to keep jumping on for another spin. Finding the kind of humour and humility that only parenting brings can help us reset and show up for our little ones day after day as our best selves. And that is why we LOVE a good parenting podcast or tv show binge once in a while. It is a chance to laugh (and/or cry), reflect, learn, and gear up for the next adventure on the rollercoaster! Check out a few of our favourite pods and shows to immerse yourself in this year and try looking at them like we do – as an essential form of self-care!


  • Australian Birth Stories – hosted by Sophie Walker

This is a particularly useful podcast for first time parents-to-be, but also for anyone expecting a subsequent child or those interested in childbirth in general. Sophie has recorded over 230 episodes to date and if you jump on the podcast website, they are all broken down into different birth categories, making it super easy to find content that resonates. The stories shared are raw, vulnerable, and unfiltered, which is why it is up there with one of our favourite Australian parenting podcasts!

  • Parental as Anything – hosted by Maggie Dent

This podcast is great for practical advice and tips on alllll the parenting questions that come up on the daily for us mums and dads. Maggie Dent is one of Australia’s most loved parenting educators and authors and in Parental as Anything she chats to experts from all over the world about everything from screen time to managing tantrums to discussing sex and consent with older children. So, no matter which stage of parenting you are at – Queen Maggie has you covered!

  • Good Inside with Dr Becky – hosted by Dr Becky Kennedy

We don’t want to oversell it here, but WE LOVE DR BECKY. This podcast resonates on so many levels and is super helpful in discovering the why underneath certain child behaviours as well as the why underneath our own as parents. It is educational and practical, but it is also compassionate and gentle, which is something we can often forget to grace ourselves with when being critical of our own parenting mishaps. Dr Becky is also a great account to follow on Instagram if you are on social media.

  • Gotta Be Done – A Bluey Podcast

Let’s be honest – us parents love Bluey as much, if not more than our kids do, right? Right! Which is why we love Gotta Be Done, a deep dive into every single episode, hosted by mums and fellow Bluey lovers, Kate McMahon and Mary Bolling. This is just a super fun, enjoyable listen, and a wonderful way to dissect all the lessons that Bluey, Bingo, Bandit and Chilli teach both kids AND parents.

  • The Motherkind Podcast – hosted by Zoe Blaskey

It can be extremely challenging to prioritise our own wellbeing and sense of calm in the chaos of modern mum life. And that is exactly where The Motherkind Podcast comes in. Zoe speaks to wellbeing teachers and educators from all over the world to support mums in slowing down and finding peace amongst the challenge of parenting in our fast-paced world. This is a great pod to listen to when you have managed to secure some alone time – not always easy – but that is the point of this show. Find the time when you can and take care of yourself!


  • Workin’ Moms

Funny. Smart. Sassy. Heartfelt. Workin’ Moms has it all. Written by and starring Catherine Reitman; there are six amazing seasons to binge on Netflix, with a final seventh season due to hit screens in 2023. We love the relatable mum content but perhaps even more compelling are the beautiful and complex friendship dynamics between the leading ladies. They are all on their own unique journey, but they continue to champion and lean on each other along the way.

  • The Letdown

Boy oh boy do we love this little Aussie gem! A short-but-sweet, wonderful comedy series that does not pull any punches and shows the real, raw, sometimes messy side of motherhood. It originally premiered on the ABC but both seasons can now be viewed on Netflix too. Once again, female friendship plays a big part in this show, but its lead character Audrey’s personal journey and struggles with motherhood that take centre stage in The Letdown.

  • Better Things

Better Things follows the story of Sam Fox, a single mother and working actor, who is doing her best to raise her three, very independent and unique daughters. It is funny, emotional, irreverent, and is written by and stars Pamela Adlon, who is most well known for her portrayal of Marcy Runkle on Californication and for being the voice of Bobby Hill on King of the Hill. The entire cast of Better Things is fantastic, particularly Sam’s three daughters, played by Mikey Madison, Hannah Alligood, and Olivia Edward. All five seasons are available to stream in Australia on Disney+.

  • Motherland

This hilarious British sitcom is available to watch on Netflix and it follows a group of mothers as they navigate “the trials, tribulations and traumas of middle-class motherhood.” There are a lot of laughs in Motherland, but here the focus in more on the social dynamics between mother groups, particularly with school aged children, and the ways in which competitiveness and keeping up appearances can throw a few extra challenges in the mix. There are presently three seasons to watch, with no word yet on whether a fourth will follow.

  • Catastrophe

Another British sitcom, written by and starring Sharon Horgan (who is coincidentally also one of the writers on Motherland), centres around fictional Sharon’s relationship with her American fling-turned-husband Rob (played by Rob Delaney). Funny and heart-warming, Catastrophe looks at the ways in which parenthood and family life can impact on romantic relationships, and vice versa. There are four seasons to enjoy on ABC iView in Australia.


So, there you have it! Fauve and Co’s parenting podcast and tv show recommendations to get you through those challenging days and remind you that you are never alone. Enjoy!